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Since just after boxing day of 2008, I’ve been following the Everyman sleep pattern. I’ve stumbled a few times and had to reset, either from sickness or missing a nap. When things are running smoothly, I rely on Onlineclock.net to wake me up, wherever I am.

The site is simple and sweet. When you first navigate there, it displays the current time in red. You select from two drop-down menus what time you’d like the alarm to go off at. Make sure your sound is on and hit the sack. Nap time!

9 thoughts on “Wake Yourself Up With Onlineclock.net

  1. Hi John,

    Thanks very much for using our alarm clock website, we’re glad you like it!

    We’re committed to keeping our site as simple and as minimally-designed as possible.

    You might want to check out the various different kinds of online alarm clocks, timers, stopwatches and countdowns we have available, here on our sitemap page:

    Thanks again,


  2. Hello!

    I’m wondering…does this alarm work while your computer is turned off, does it have to be in hibernate mode, or does it have to be on? I wouldn’t mind this. :)

  3. Thanks for the comment/question!

    The computer has to be on. What I do is turn my fans down so it’s quiet and then set Firefox to be full-screen. This way, the entire picture is black except for the clock.

  4. I should mention, as well, that they’ve recently started offering a new service which I’ve been waiting my whole life for: The ability to be woken up to your favorite song.

    Simply go to http://onlineclock.net and select Video Alarm. Paste in a YouTube link to your favorite music and set the alarm. You’ll awaken fresh to good music. Love it!

  5. Hi John,

    We just saw that you mentioned our video alarm clock…thanks for noticing!

    We’re always working on new ideas ;)

    Hopefully everyone will get a kick out of using whatever videos they like as their own personal alarm sound…you can even upload your own videos to YouTube and wake up to those.

    Thanks again for giving us all this attention on your blog, dude – we really appreciate it.


  6. Hey John! I have a question…. I have to get up really early when I have before school activities and I lost my phone charger. I just recently found OnlineClock.net and I’m a little worried. I turned off the sleep mode so that my computer stays on in the night. Its plugged in so it can’t die, but does the online alarm clock actually work? LIke does it actually wake you up and is ready to start the day? I can’t be late to any of the meetings I have on Thursdays.

  7. Thank god, I just spent an hour stuffing around with task scheduler to try and wake my self up for training tomorrow. This is all I needed. I hope it works, will let you know!

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