Sleep better with f.lux

I didn’t believe in this software until I tried it. It started working the first day I used it.

Essentially, it changes the colour temperature of your screen depending on what time of day it is. If it’s daytime, your screen will be normal. If it’s nighttime, it’ll be more red. Apparently there’s a lot of research data to suggest that this helps with sleeping patterns of humans (something to do with the sun). Anecdotally, I can verify that it has helped my sleep patterns immensely.

I just wish it had the incremental colour change option enabled by default. Out-of-the-box, it switches from blue to red quickly after you cross a certain point of day. I like it when it’s more subtly done.

UPDATE! Just a few days after this post, the developer of f.lux updated the software after a period of inactivity. The new features include the ability to go even dimmer during evening hours and a new “movie mode” which disables f.lux for 2.5 hours (long enough for your average movie to play through).

Wake Yourself Up With

Since just after boxing day of 2008, I’ve been following the Everyman sleep pattern. I’ve stumbled a few times and had to reset, either from sickness or missing a nap. When things are running smoothly, I rely on to wake me up, wherever I am.

The site is simple and sweet. When you first navigate there, it displays the current time in red. You select from two drop-down menus what time you’d like the alarm to go off at. Make sure your sound is on and hit the sack. Nap time!