Project Natal + OpenSim = Heaven? Getting there!

Microsoft unveiled their new Xbox 360 controller, or, lack-of-controller today at E3. Yes, I’m referring to Project Natal.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, you obviously don’t have a Twitter account. All of the videos I’ve seen thus far are pre-recorded, but if this thing works as good as they make it look, we are all in for a treat.
I have a few questions, which I’m sure you all do as well. Mine are

  1. Will the sensor be a USB device?
  2. If so, has anyone hacked their own drivers yet? :)
  3. How long until someone uses it in a virtual world, like OpenSim?

Combine this with a projection-cube-room like this one, a treadmill floor so you can actually walk, and you’ve got yourself a holodeck, son.

My friends, Canada has entered Second Life.

It just goes to show how realistic Second Life is, except that this is the only one I’ve seen in Second Life (in my hometown of 50,000 people there are 11 Tim Hortons coffee shops). Also, if you’re lucky you may spot camped out customers on the left! (users outside of Canada won’t get this joke… Canadians are nuts about their Tim Hortons coffee :) )

Tim Hortons in Second Life
Always got time…