Project Natal + OpenSim = Heaven? Getting there!

Microsoft unveiled their new Xbox 360 controller, or, lack-of-controller today at E3. Yes, I’m referring to Project Natal.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, you obviously don’t have a Twitter account. All of the videos I’ve seen thus far are pre-recorded, but if this thing works as good as they make it look, we are all in for a treat.
I have a few questions, which I’m sure you all do as well. Mine are

  1. Will the sensor be a USB device?
  2. If so, has anyone hacked their own drivers yet? :)
  3. How long until someone uses it in a virtual world, like OpenSim?

Combine this with a projection-cube-room like this one, a treadmill floor so you can actually walk, and you’ve got yourself a holodeck, son.

3 thoughts on “Project Natal + OpenSim = Heaven? Getting there!

  1. One thing I’d like to comment: DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, do a search on YouTube for ‘Natal live’ in an attempt to find videos of the device being used in real life as opposed to a pre-recorded demo.

  2. Definitely shows some promise. Hopefully it doesn’t end up like the Wii, great technology but few good games that make it worth buying. Though they did show a clip of a fighting game, if they can make that work and pump out some good fighting games I’ll be all over this.

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