Game projects up on github

I’m taking a few hours tonight to go through the archives and put up some of my finished/unreleased/unfinished game jam projects onto github. Ludum Dare 26 is next weekend and I want to have a simple URL to send people to to try out my stuff.

On Game Development and Akihabara

Syrup Dispensers From Hell Screenshot

Syrup Dispensers From Hell is coming along quite well. I’ve decided to use the Legend of Sadness base for the game, which plays and looks a lot like a Legend of Zelda title. Instead of having our hero travel into a cave, he’ll be travelling into a breakfast restaurant to save us all from horrid syrup dispensers.

This time around I’ve got a lot more experience working with Akihabara so I’ve been able to work harder on gameplay and graphics rather than learning how the game engine works. Designing tilemaps for a game, as a programmer, is tough work. It’s not that I dislike working on art or even that I’m not artistic, but what looks great in The Gimp looks like shit when it’s tiled a hundred times.

Doing graphics for a game is basically incrementalism combined with healthy doses of iteration. You tweak a pixel, test it in-game, hate it, go back, tweak another pixel, hate it, go back, and so on.

A neat feature that I discovered today was Akihabara’s ability to scale the size of the game display by a value that is less than 1, meaning that it does not need to zoom to an integer value. Currently I’ve got the game displaying at 320×240 with a zoom of 2.5, making that actual output 800×600.

Well, back to work :)


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And We’re Off! Guelph Game Jam 2 Starts Now!

The second Guelph Game Jam has just started at the ThreeFortyNine co-workspace. The goal? To make a game in less than a day. We have about 8 hours to design, build, and test our games. Then the last bit of time is spent playing everyone else’s game.

I did this a few months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The theme this time is ‘Monsters.’ The game designer can take that in any way, whether it be about monsters, being a monster, defeating monsters, etc.

As was the case last time, I’ll be live-blogging my progress here and on my BitBuilder game developer Twitter account.

Default Music Now In, Runs in FF But Not In Chrome

Got the game loading and playing in Firefox, but doesn’t even try to load in Chrome. I have no idea why. It seems I’ve spent about twice as much time debugging as I have developing. For this stuff to work, that has to change.

I’ll reiterate: Chrome NEEDS a javascript error console! (or am I dumb and I just can’t find it?)

Ack! JavaScript File Access Issues

20 minutes blown trying to figure out why I couldn’t include JS files from ../ in the <head> tag. *sigh* Chrome needs the Javascript error output window that Firefox has.

Almost have the game loading, however. Making progress.

Note for anyone who is working on an Akihabara JS game: making a directory inside the unzipped Akihabara directory then trying to include the Akihabara files by ../akihabara/*.js does not work as JS in the browser cannot access stuff outside of its own domain.

And We’re Off!

The proverbial gunshot has been fired and all the developers here at the Guelph Game Jam have started work. I’m included in that list and will be liveblogging my experience, all its ups and downs included.

The theme for this Game Jam is “Big”. Whatever that means is up to you and how you choose to use it in your game is also up to you!

As for myself, I’m thinking Rampage meets Gradius.

More later.

Back into Torque. Big time.

I haven’t touched anything to do with level design or game development in a few months as there have been a few other important issues and projects to tackle. But, with the upcoming Christmas holidays, I’ve decided to take 2009 and really flesh out some C++ and torquescript skills and maybe do some creative work, such as 3D modeling and music. I’ve installed VC2005 and VC2008 along with Torque Game Engine Advanced and Torque Game Builder. Let’s rock.

I’m really excited. I’ll be posting all of the work that I complete in the Game Development, Game Art, Xandorus, and Torque categories.