Game projects up on github

I’m taking a few hours tonight to go through the archives and put up some of my finished/unreleased/unfinished game jam projects onto github. Ludum Dare 26 is next weekend and I want to have a simple URL to send people to to try out my stuff.

Liveblogging Guelph Game Jam 4

Guelph Game Jam #4 just started. I’ll be liveblogging here, tracking our progress on our Rogue-like. It’s Michael Hoyle and Me, along with a touch of art asset assistance from Amy.

The theme of this game jam is Growth.

We’re still trying to figure out how that will be implemented in our idea for a Rogue-like, but our first few ideas are pretty promising.

It’s going to be a tight schedule because we’re breaking my first rule of game jams: don’t build your own engine. Hoyle and I have been building a small JavaScript Rogue-like engine for the past week in preparation but there are still a few things left to do. I’ve come up with the idea of taking the first two hours of the jam to complete the features of the engine that we need today then taking the remaining 6 hours to make the game.

If we’re going to do this, we’ve got to be ruthless and pull the plug after those two hours and switch to the game. If we let it slip and say “we’ll do one extra hour on the engine” we’ve lost.

Wish us luck!

On Game Development and Akihabara

Syrup Dispensers From Hell Screenshot

Syrup Dispensers From Hell is coming along quite well. I’ve decided to use the Legend of Sadness base for the game, which plays and looks a lot like a Legend of Zelda title. Instead of having our hero travel into a cave, he’ll be travelling into a breakfast restaurant to save us all from horrid syrup dispensers.

This time around I’ve got a lot more experience working with Akihabara so I’ve been able to work harder on gameplay and graphics rather than learning how the game engine works. Designing tilemaps for a game, as a programmer, is tough work. It’s not that I dislike working on art or even that I’m not artistic, but what looks great in The Gimp looks like shit when it’s tiled a hundred times.

Doing graphics for a game is basically incrementalism combined with healthy doses of iteration. You tweak a pixel, test it in-game, hate it, go back, tweak another pixel, hate it, go back, and so on.

A neat feature that I discovered today was Akihabara’s ability to scale the size of the game display by a value that is less than 1, meaning that it does not need to zoom to an integer value. Currently I’ve got the game displaying at 320×240 with a zoom of 2.5, making that actual output 800×600.

Well, back to work :)


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And We’re Off! Guelph Game Jam 2 Starts Now!

The second Guelph Game Jam has just started at the ThreeFortyNine co-workspace. The goal? To make a game in less than a day. We have about 8 hours to design, build, and test our games. Then the last bit of time is spent playing everyone else’s game.

I did this a few months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The theme this time is ‘Monsters.’ The game designer can take that in any way, whether it be about monsters, being a monster, defeating monsters, etc.

As was the case last time, I’ll be live-blogging my progress here and on my BitBuilder game developer Twitter account.

Play My Game – BastardBlaster

As of this posting it’s a very early version with still much of the stock artwork and enemy types. But, it’s fun and playable. Go Akihabara!

The story goes that you’re a BastardBlaster, conscripted to battle everything in the world that’s annoying. Flat tires, Blue Screens of Death, when you go to eat pizza and there’s none left… the list goes on and on. If it’s annoying, you shoot it.



Audio Conversion Love

I’m under a tight deadline for BastardBlaster, the game I’m building right now for the Guelph Game Jam, so I’ll share my quick and dirty way to convert audio files in Linux and using some Windows software with Wine.

The source music is music modules in the .it (Impulse Tracker) format. So, I used Winamp (running via Wine) to export as .wav files. From there, I used the MP3 to OGG conversion script on this page (modified a bit) to do:

./wav2ogg filename.wav filename.ogg

wav2ogg’s contents look like this:

[rocky1138@atlas Music]$ cat 
oggenc -o "$2" "$1"

Hope this helps someone in the future :) Note you have to have oggenc (vorbis-tools) installed in order for that to work :)

Now to do mp3s….

Took a break, had some tea, now I’m back to coding.

Ahh, refreshing tea from Bon The Place (my fav tea store, ever.)

Got the game working in Chrome since I decided to simply host it locally with Apache at localhost. Just makes thing simpler since Chrome seems to run the game a lot faster than Firefox (my laptop is a beat up piece of … but it’s still kickin’ so I really can’t complain, I guess.)

Will post more progress and I make some.

Serving JS Locally With Chrome Is a Common Problem

Turns out a lot of people are having the same issue with Chrome / Chromium and their extensive security. Not that I mind a lot of great security around JavaScript, mind you.

Hopefully once the game makes it out to the web this will go away as it’s the same domain policy that’s causing problems.

This Is Why Working With An Awesome Team Is Awesome

Turns out Chrome DOES have a Javascript error output console: CTRL+Shift+J.

Thank heavens.

BastardBlaster is not running in Chrome because of this:

Cross origin requests are only supported for HTTP.

  1. gbox.js:1883

At least now I have some direction on where to head.

Thanks Guelph Game Jam!

Default Music Now In, Runs in FF But Not In Chrome

Got the game loading and playing in Firefox, but doesn’t even try to load in Chrome. I have no idea why. It seems I’ve spent about twice as much time debugging as I have developing. For this stuff to work, that has to change.

I’ll reiterate: Chrome NEEDS a javascript error console! (or am I dumb and I just can’t find it?)

“Not Well Formed” Is a Red Herring

I couldn’t figure out why my HTML5/JS Akihabara game was not loading and thought the error in the Firefox JavaScript Error Console “Not well formed” had something to do with it. Turns out that if Akihabara cannot find the audio files for your game, it hangs on loading and there is no error in the console to that effect.

I threw the OGGs and MP3s in the directory and we’re off to the races. Still get “Not well formed” but the game runs. Who knows?