Top 5 Office Dont’s

Here are the top five best “don’ts” for office work environments. If you work at an office with other people in the same room with you or even if you’re in a cubicle and you one day find yourself considering one of these things, just don’t. For the sake of everyone involved, your career, your future, everything. JUST DON’T.

#1. DON’T think you can fart silently.

You know how it goes. You’re sitting there, there’s music on, everyone’s hard at work… You think you may be able to slip one past the goalie. Don’t. This momentary lapse in judgement will, depending on your workplace and peers, cause embarassment, shame, and possibly the generation of a new nickname.

#2. DON’T tell clients that your boss is in the bathroom.

Sometimes being painfully honest is not always the best method. No matter how truthful and innocent you may see it, to everyone else it’s terrible to hear.

#3. DON’T eat smelly food.

Salmon sandwiches are great. At home.

#4. DON’T tell dirty, sex-based, or race-based jokes.

This one almost doesn’t need to be said but you’d be surprised how often it comes up. I’m generally a light-hearted person but chances are there is at least one person in your office who isn’t when it comes to these types of things. Remember the adage “A closed mouth gathers no foot” and you should be OK.

#5. DON’T swear. Even when you think it’s okay.

Swearing in a joke makes things funny. But at work it’s not about being funny, it’s about getting results. Unless you’re Gordon Ramsay, any message you’re trying to get across will instantly be discarded as the attention goes on your choice of words.

Well that’s my top 5, what are yours?

Top 5 Firefox Extensions for Web Developers

You might be a web developer. You might need to know what HTML element is under your cursor at any given time. You might need to know the hexadecimal value of a pixel is under your cursor at any time. You might have a mile-long CSS file inherited from multiple projects and wonder: “Which styles still apply and which are no longer used?”

Fear not my fellow web developers, web designers, programmers, whateverrers! These 5 Firefox Extensions will help you chop the time spent on any web development task so you can get back to reading blogs during the day. Or work. You choose.

Without further ado, here they are:


#1 – Web Developer Extension

I don’t think I’ve ever used a web browser-based tool as much as I have this one. It’s saved me so much time and helped me solve so many problems over the past year. It does practically everything. With tools like “Resize Window” which lets you resize your window to a certain pixel width and height and “View Generated Source” which lets you see the source code used in the website AFTER Javascript runs — Instead of showing function(var 1, var 2) it will actually show the variables that went into that function e.g., function(“john”, “rockefeller”). Cool huh?

Cool features:

  1. A ruler you can use to measure the size of tables, divs, or anything else on your page.
  2. Disable stylesheets to see what your site looks like without any styles whatsoever.
  3. Display alt tags, image file sizes, image paths, and more.
  4. “Outline Block Elements” will automatically outline divs, paragraphs, spans, and other elements on your site. Very handy.
  5. “Outline Current Element” will display the element id and name for any element underneath your cursor. Unbelievably handy.

Sample Screenshots:

Outline elementsMisc functions


#2 – ColorZilla

I’m sure we’ve all seen a cool color on a page, whether it’s an image or cell background, and said “Oh man I love that color. I could eat it. I wonder what the hex value is so I can use it on my site. Or in case I get hungry.” Well, you could always take a screenshot, load up The Gimp, use the Color Picker tool to determine the hex color value, but who needs to do that when you’ve got ColorZilla installed?

ColorZilla will display the hex color and RGB value of any color under your cursor. Very, very handy.


#3 –SearchStatus

This handy little extension will show you the Google PageRank of whatever site you are on as well as the less-important-but-for-some-reason-still-used Alexa Ranking.

PageRank Plugin


#4 – Dust-Me Selectors

This handy little Firefox Extension will tell you which CSS styles are not found on your pages. It works per domain, so surf all of the pages of your site and a comprehensive collection of unused styles will be shown which you can then promptly delete from your stylesheet, thereby increasing the performance of your site.

Very very, cool.


#5 – Firebug

No Web Developer’s tool-belt would be complete without the illustrious Firebug. The list of features here is incredibly long, but so is the list of Web Developers who have saved hours of work using it. Their own website explains it better than I would but you’ve got to ask yourself one question: What kind of web developer are you if you aren’t already using this??

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list and found some of the links useful. If you’ve got something to say about these tools or even have a list of handy tools you use that might think others would find useful, please post a comment with a few links. Thanks!