Guelph Downtown Webcam

Update as of 2019-10-19:

I’ve moved away from Guelph! :( My webcam is now offline. I’ve left this post here for history’s sake, though, and I fully intend to provide a tarball of all of the pictures it took. Thanks for your interest!

Original post:

For a few good years, the Co-operators Insurance company in Guelph had a webcam pointing at the Church of Our Lady in downtown Guelph. I moved from Guelph in 2012 after living there for five years. While I was away, I kept an eye on my favourite Canadian town through this webcam.

Co-operators Guelph 2015-06-26
Webcam capture from Co-operators Insurance and Financial Services on 2015-06-26.

Unfortunately, in August of 2017, the webcam went down and even though they had brought it back up after a quick message on Twitter a few times previous to this, it seemed that this time it was down for good.

I moved back to Guelph in April of 2018 and resolved to set up my own webcam to point at the same church, now known as The Basilica of Our Lady. Obviously, I can’t place a webcam in the same spot, but my apartment is close to their building, so it has a vantage similar to theirs.

Bookmark my Downtown Guelph Webcam page and check back often.

Every thirty minutes, the webcam snaps a new picture. The pictures from my webcam are licensed openly, using Creative Commons. I’ve also provided the horribly written bash script I use to get it to fire via a cron job, information on the camera I’m using, and some weather data on Guelph.

webcam capture of downtown Guelph

Perhaps one day, when this webcam retires, someone else will pick up the torch.