Liveblogging Guelph Game Jam 4

Guelph Game Jam #4 just started. I’ll be liveblogging here, tracking our progress on our Rogue-like. It’s Michael Hoyle and Me, along with a touch of art asset assistance from Amy.

The theme of this game jam is Growth.

We’re still trying to figure out how that will be implemented in our idea for a Rogue-like, but our first few ideas are pretty promising.

It’s going to be a tight schedule because we’re breaking my first rule of game jams: don’t build your own engine. Hoyle and I have been building a small JavaScript Rogue-like engine for the past week in preparation but there are still a few things left to do. I’ve come up with the idea of taking the first two hours of the jam to complete the features of the engine that we need today then taking the remaining 6 hours to make the game.

If we’re going to do this, we’ve got to be ruthless and pull the plug after those two hours and switch to the game. If we let it slip and say “we’ll do one extra hour on the engine” we’ve lost.

Wish us luck!

Adding and Removing HTML elements with plain-old JavaScript

Sometimes while developing a web application, you need to hide or display certain elements dynamically based on circumstance. For instance, if you’re filling in your personal information and you in the dropdown box you select “other” as your country, the website may be required to display a previously hidden textbox allowing you to type in your country name.

This post, by Dustin Diaz, contains two links, written by the same person at two different times. Which one you choose to use is completely up to your skill and the scope of the project you’re working on. The first, is a simple, easy-to-understand JavaScript code snippet:

The second link is a reprise by the same author almost three years later with a much cleaner implementation of the same functionality in JavaScript. Unfortunately, it requires more knowledge about JavaScript and events, and for a beginner in programming, the first link may be easier to swallow. For the site, click this link:

Pick your poison :)