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What I’m Listening To This Week: Week of August 1 2012

Loads of great stuff in the playlist this week.

  1. A Valley Without Wind – Outdoor City Soundtrack
  2. Veela – Night Vision (Ephixa Vocal Dubstep Remix)
  3. Super Crossfire OST: Chapter 5
  4. Hybrid song
  5. Telescope

What I’m Listening To This Week: Week of July 25 2012

Demoscene, demoscene, demoscene.

  1. Lizardking’s A Piece of Magic
  2. Lizardking’s Art of Chrome
  3. Purple Motion’s Satellite One
  4. DipA’s It’s Night Forever
  5. Craft by lft

What I’m Listening To This Week: Week of July 18 2012

  1. March of the Volunteers
  2. 中國二胡 (Chinese Er Hu) (Video Track 01)
  3. Battle of The Immortals Soundtrack
  4. Jeroen Tel – Supremacy
  5. di.fm Trance and New Trance stations
Enjoy :)


What I’m listening to this week: Week of July 11 2012

Here’s what’s on my playlist this week. It’s virt-heavy. Be prepared.

  1. Jake Kaufman – Might Switch Force OST
  2. Jake Kaufman – Mighty Milky Way OST
  3. Whitaker Blackall – Cardinal Quest: Original Soundtrack
  4. Genki – Tokyo Xtreme Racer Soundtrack