Top 5 Office Dont’s

Here are the top five best “don’ts” for office work environments. If you work at an office with other people in the same room with you or even if you’re in a cubicle and you one day find yourself considering one of these things, just don’t. For the sake of everyone involved, your career, your future, everything. JUST DON’T.

#1. DON’T think you can fart silently.

You know how it goes. You’re sitting there, there’s music on, everyone’s hard at work… You think you may be able to slip one past the goalie. Don’t. This momentary lapse in judgement will, depending on your workplace and peers, cause embarassment, shame, and possibly the generation of a new nickname.

#2. DON’T tell clients that your boss is in the bathroom.

Sometimes being painfully honest is not always the best method. No matter how truthful and innocent you may see it, to everyone else it’s terrible to hear.

#3. DON’T eat smelly food.

Salmon sandwiches are great. At home.

#4. DON’T tell dirty, sex-based, or race-based jokes.

This one almost doesn’t need to be said but you’d be surprised how often it comes up. I’m generally a light-hearted person but chances are there is at least one person in your office who isn’t when it comes to these types of things. Remember the adage “A closed mouth gathers no foot” and you should be OK.

#5. DON’T swear. Even when you think it’s okay.

Swearing in a joke makes things funny. But at work it’s not about being funny, it’s about getting results. Unless you’re Gordon Ramsay, any message you’re trying to get across will instantly be discarded as the attention goes on your choice of words.

Well that’s my top 5, what are yours?