Welcome to my blog!

John Rockefeller
John Rockefeller at Synn Studios Inc.

Hi everyone,

First, let me welcome you all to my blog where I will be writing about web development experiences, technology, and social media as I continue along this path in my career. I work as a web developer in the beautiful city of Guelph, Ontario, Canada as a full-time employee but on the side I am part owner of an indie movie studio known as Synn Studios Inc. as well as a maintainer and developer of my own personal technological projects (software or hardware).

Hopefully, if we have similar interests, you will find the posts on this blog to be of use to you either in your own experience or in upcoming projects. If you’re into developing websites, working on servers, making movies, 3D modeling, level design, or game development, there will be something here for you.

I have started two projects on my own: The now defunct NetBoardz Free Forum Hosting, and Jack of All Links – A social search engine (which eats up a lot of my time ;)).

I am available through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, if you need to contact me.